Friday, July 8, 2011


Back in the day, I used to collect new journal after new journal. The covers were varied and pretty. I had plans to have different journals for different things: dreams, spirituality, health... and here I am, fully grown-up and finding that I do the same thing with blog accounts. Hmph. I need to settle in.

I've blogged at LiveJournal since 2003-ish or thereabouts, so most of my stuff is there. I bought a permanent account back in 2005, so I feel sort of obligated to stay there. But the community that once existed there is gone, for the most part, so maybe moving wouldn't be such a bad thing, particularly if I could link more easily with social networking sites that I use.

I just spoke with the Women's Resource Center here at Portland State University, where I am a grad student, regarding blogging about media literacy and social learning theory. Perhaps I'll cross-post here.